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30 Minute Weekly Facial

Updated: Jan 25

Are you tired of paying big bucks for facials? Or maybe you're like me and enjoy them but just never take the time to get them? When formulating our products one of my goals was to create a line that could work to replace the need for expensive facials. Even if you love getting pampered (who doesn't!?!) you can continue to get them and just add this 30 minute weekly facial to your routine.

A lot of facials include steps that can be really harsh on the skin which is why you not supposed to get them very often. You will notice with all of our products that the ingredients are geared towards deep cellular healing. You don't want to strip your face of layers of skin then have to wait for it to repair. Instead, you can gently remove dead skin cells as you are healing and repairing damage cause by age and sun. With a good routine with quality products your skin will become more youthful, smooth and balanced. You don't have to spend hundreds a month and have a complicated system.

Most of the products I am using were released or reformulated between September 2022 and now. As I learn more about different ingredients I continue to strive to improve each product. At this time I am really happy with each formula. I have seen extremely dramatic results in the past 4-6 months as I have been testing the formulas to perfect them. I'm really excited to see the changes now that the formulas are right where I want them!

I bought a high frequency wand and ION face spatula but I don't use them right now because I want to see what results I will get from using just the products. It wouldn't be fair to you if I claimed to be getting results from these products but I was also using other tools. So the results I get are 100% from using the products the way I suggest.

Here are the steps to my weekly facial (I do in the morning)

  1. Apply Rejuvenating Exfoliator (previously Face Paste), massage for 1 minute

  2. Leave Exfoliator on for 10 minutes then rinse with warm water

  3. Use Rejuvenating Cleansing Oil on dry face or wash with Charcoal Facial Bar

  4. Apply Rejuvenating Mask to dry face

  5. Leave on for 10 minutes then rinse with warm water

  6. Mist dry face with Face Toner

  7. Apply 3-5 drops of Deep Healing Serum, massage in

  8. Apply 1-2 pumps of Face Lotion or Night Cream

This routine takes about 30 minutes. You can choose to leave the Exfoliator and Mask on for longer or less time. I like to get in the shower to remove the Rejuvenating Mask. The charcoal can make it a bit messy. You can choose to rinse it off in the sink, just wipe off any spots that get on your counter or in the sink.

I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback! Please leave a comment below.

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