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How to use the Rejuvenating Mask

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

This mask has become one of my favorite products. It has completely changed my skin!

Let me first suggest, start with 1 day and see how it goes. Then if you want to try it again the next day, go for it. If you get any irritation, allow more days between uses. I use it about every other day before getting into the shower.

Apply it with the brush that is included. Make sure you get your jawline. You can also apply it to your neck and chest.

Some days I leave it on for about 5-10 minutes, some days as little as 2. To remove it I use the Organic Bamboo Washcloth. (before I got those I used the Reusable Cotton Rounds that come with the mask) I get the cloth wet and press it against my face. This will soften the mask even if it's fully dried. Then I very gently rub in circular motion. I focus on my forehead more than other areas. You'll feel a decent amount of exfoliation. Then I just continue to rinse it off. Once I know it's all rinsed off I wash with the Cleansing Oil. I love the way the combo makes my face feel. You can choose to not wash after. The mask will clean your skin without needing additional cleansing.

If you choose to rinse the mask off in a sink, just be warned that it is a bit messy. As long as it's cleaned up it won't stain anything, it just gets messy.

After you dry your face continue with your normal skincare routine!

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