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Reducing sunspots is what inspired me

Did you know this is why I created my skincare products? (pic July 2021) I was so tired of having skin I was embarrassed by. I never used SPF (still don't) and this was the result. I knew there had to be NATURAL ingredients out there that could reverse all the damage I had done. I discovered there are! That's how I formulate all my products. I look for ingredients that will heal the skin on a deep cellular level and still be healthy for me. I don't feel it's worth the risk of using harmful chemicals to remove dark spots and reduce wrinkles.

I started making facial products in July 2020. It started with our Deep Healing Serum which to date is our best seller! From there I continued adding products as I learned. Most of the facial products were released in March 2021. But there have been many changes since then. I have reformulated the Toner, Face Lotion and Night Cream a few times. Always with the intention of improving the effectiveness. The Face Lotion & Night Cream still need some small adjustments to the consistency but I feel the ingredients are spectacular. I personally have seen more changes in my skin in the past 6 months than I had in the years prior. The majority of the improvements have been in the past 3 months. (pic Jan 2023. I did my best to get the same lighting). By adding Hibiscus to a few products and adding the Rejuvenating Mask to the product line I have seen tremendous changes in the dark spots and deep wrinkles on my forehead. It's almost completely smooth and the dark spots are barely noticeable.

Now that I have greatly improved those and will continue to improve them I can focus on my next issue. Under my eyes! A lot of my customers also talk about needing help with bags, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles. I will be releasing an eye cream within the next couple months once I work out the perfect formula.

The reason I am sharing all of this is because I want my amazing followers to understand where I started and how I choose my formulas. I am not formally trained, did not go to school and I do not copy other people's recipes. Every product is created based on researching ingredients for specific skin issues. I don't get Botox or other cosmetic treatments done. Every change in my skin has been from using the products I sell.

I have begun using a high frequency wand. At the time of writing this I have used it for 3 days. I will be sharing more information on that after I have used it for 30 days. Unless I feel it's not worth continuing to use. Everything I have learned about it sounds amazing. But I won't promote it and recommend it unless I truly believe in it and plan to continue using it. Stay tuned!

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