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Reducing sunspots is what inspired me

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Did you know this is why I created my skincare products? (pic July 2021) I was so tired of having skin I was embarrassed by. I never used SPF (still don't) and this was the result. I knew there had to be NATURAL ingredients out there that could reverse all the damage I had done. I discovered there are! That's how I formulate all my products. I look for ingredients that will heal the skin on a deep cellular level and still be healthy for me. I don't feel it's worth the risk of using harmful chemicals to remove dark spots and reduce wrinkles.

I started making facial products in July 2020. It started with our Deep Healing Serum which to date is our best seller! From there I continued adding products as I learned. Many of the facial products were released in March 2021. However everything was reformulated and relaunched throughout 2022, most of it from Sept - December.

I have reformulated the Toner, Face Lotion and Night Cream a few times. Always with the intention of improving the effectiveness.

I personally have seen more changes in my skin from October 2022 to now, than I had in the years prior. (pic Mar 2023. I did my best to get the same lighting).

By adding Hibiscus to a few products and adding the Rejuvenating Mask to the product line I have seen tremendous changes in the dark spots and deep wrinkles on my forehead. The picture doesn't do justice. The dark spots are almost completely gone and my extremely deep wrinkles are about 90% repaired. I can't wait to see what it looks like in another 3 months!

Now that I have greatly improved those and will continue to improve them I can focus on my next issue. Under my eyes! A lot of my customers also talk about needing help with bags, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles. I will be releasing an eye cream within the next couple months once I work out the perfect formula.

The reason I am sharing all of this is because I want my amazing followers to understand where I started and how I choose my formulas. I am not formally trained, did not go to school and I do not copy other people's recipes. Every product is created based on researching ingredients for specific skin issues. I don't get Botox or other cosmetic treatments done. Every change in my skin has been from using the products I sell.

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