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Retinol, what is it and why am I NOT using it

Many people were asking for products with Retinol because of how effective it is. So, I did add it to 2 products. But I don't feel good about it for two reasons.

Main reason being it's synthetic. The other reason is I have been hearing about Retinol sensitivity.

I have removed other ingredients due to a large number of sensitivities. One ingredient I removed was coconut oil. So many natural products have coconut oil and a lot of people were telling me they can't use natural products because they are allergic. So I found alternatives.

I have done the same thing with Retinol. Moving forward my products will not have synthetic Vitamin A.

I have found an oil that is being recognized for its powerful skin rejuvenating properties. It stimulates skin cell turnover and improves skin tone and texture. Tightens skin and has no known side effects.

I am adding bakuchiol oil to the Smooth & Firm Tightening Cream and the Night Creams. It will also be the superstar in my new eye cream, coming soon!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Comment below!

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