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Tightening Cream

Have you seen the many posts on social media about the firming cream with hibiscus and honey?

I was close to buying some. Then I read the ingredients and stopped.

As you may already know, I am a firm believer that what you put ON your body is just as important as what you put IN your body. I personally do not want harsh and toxic chemicals on my body. No matter how badly I want smooth legs!!

I started to look into the hibiscus and honey benefits. The info I got on hibiscus blew my mind. That's why I have added it to several products. The research I did seemed to show that the tightening and smoothing was coming mostly from the hibiscus. I chose to leave the honey out.

Vegan products are important to many of my customers!

So when I formulated this Tightening Cream leaving the honey out was a must. I didn't feel the benefits were worth giving up being vegan.

There have been a few updates to the formula. The consistency is thick, but not too thick! Retinol has been replaced by bakuchiol oil (click this BLOG POST to see why), and coffee has been replaced by a coffee extract to help reduce discoloring and increase absorbable caffeine.

The main question I get is, "but does it really work?" Simple answer, yes!! I can visibly see a difference in my legs, belly, arms and chest (wrinkles from side sleeping). Those are the main areas I use it.

I use 1 pump per leg, applying it from calf to butt cheek. After a short time my legs look smoother. I put it on my calves because I have some pretty serious varicose veins and I have noticed it helps to reduce them!

I put a small pump around my belly area. Then 1 pump per upper arm and chest. I rub from the upper arm onto the chest area and up the neck a little. I really do notice my arms look more shapely. I sleep on my side so I get wrinkles in the middle of my chest and this really helps smooth them.

I may seem like a lot but it really isn't. And it's worth it! You can use it on your face too but I am happy with the results I get from the Graceful Glow Face Lotion and Night Cream especially since I am a sun lover. I do have some customers that use it as a night cream.

There are immediate results as well as long term results. It is best if you use it twice a day, at least on the areas where wrinkles are a concern. Since it does have caffeine you may want to avoid it too close to bedtime. I usually only apply it to the wrinkles on my chest at night.

When you subscribe to emails you get special VIP deals each month. June's VIP deal is $10 off the Tightening Cream! Emails go out every Tue & Thu so subscribe now so you can get the deal.

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