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Trustworthy, effective and affordable natural skincare products

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

I didn't have a mission beyond wanting to do something creative to earn a little extra side cash. In fall of 2019 I decided to try making body butter to take to craft shows over the holiday season to earn a little extra money. Honestly, I don't even remember what sparked the idea. But I was hooked after the first month.

I had people try the body butter that claimed to not like lotions and body butters and they would walk around shopping then come back to buy a jar. It was so rewarding seeing people love something that I created.

People then began asking for regular lotion. So I learned how to make that. At this time I still had no idea that this little hobby of mine would grow into a full business.

Then 2020 hit and everything in my life changed. We sold our 2 businesses and I went from working full time to not working at all. Like many people I was trying to figure out a way to navigate through the early parts of the pandemic.

During this time I began playing around with facial care products and still had it in my mind that this was a hobby and that I would be taking things to craft shows during the holidays. Unfortunately there were no craft shows that first year.

One day I made a decision. I wanted to see where this little hobby could lead. I shifted mindset from hobby to business. I needed to first decide what my business mission would be.

My mission became very clear to me. The Sage Faerie provides all natural, trustworthy, effective skincare at an affordable price.

I knew I wanted my products to be free of synthetics, harmful chemicals and the most important aspect was that they could be priced at an affordable price without reducing the effectiveness.

Due to the pandemic there were no live events in 2020 and I wasn't really able to do events until mid year 2021. Even the holiday season events in 2021 were slow and rare. By 2022 things were starting to feel a little more normal as far as events go.

I had made a commitment to hit some goals by the end of 2022 and decide if I would really work this as a business or keep more of a fun hobby.

Then heartbreak hit my home. Our last dog (we had many over16 years at that point) passed away. It was one the hardest things I have ever been through. After 6 weeks of complete heartache I couldn't take it anymore and decided it was time to adopt again.

We adopted a 2 year old shelter dog that had been a stray. Zekiel, aka Zeke found his way to us. I said I didn't want a puppy because they were too much work. Joke was on me!!

He came into our lives and healed our hearts beyond what I could have ever imagined. However, he didn't come without issues. The first several months with him took just about all my energy and attention. By fall of 2022 I was ready to get back into business mode.

Eight months of the year had gone by and I was no where close to my goals. I had been working on products and had released some new products still. But I wasn't really working the business.

Fall through winter of 2022-23 I began getting into a really good groove. January 2023 I reset those goals and got re-motivated.

As I began to promote and build the business I stayed focused on those goals and my mission.

Trustworthy, effective and affordable natural skincare products.

Almost half way through this year and I finally feel like I have gotten to place of being beyond a hobby. I will continue to reach for those goals and stay true to my mission.

I am grateful to everyone who has helped me accomplish what I have so far. I have a sweet little following of loyal customers and I hope to continue to grow and help other people get healthy, beautiful skin without harmful and expensive treatments.

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