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Why we use "liquid gold" in our products!

Frankincense, AKA the King of oils

Do you have dark spots and deep wrinkles you'd like to heal? Many studies have proven that Frankincense is a true powerhouse against skin conditions and imbalances.

Dark spots can be caused by many things including sun damage and normal aging. This does not mean we have to avoid the sun or just live with them. There are many treatments available, some of them painful and most are very expensive. Studies have shown Frankincense to be effective in lightening dark spots. This is likely due to its skin cell production properties. It has also been shown to suppress melanoma growth.

Because of the skin rejuvenation and collagen boosting properties, Frankincense is also highly effective in treating deep wrinkles, fine lines and scars. When using products with Frankincense, especially when combined with other powerful ingredients, you can avoid getting Botox and other cosmetic treatments.

There are several varieties of Frankincense, each having slightly different properties. However, you really can't go wrong when choosing which one to use.

To help you get amazing results in less time, we use 4 varieties in several facial products. Using these varieties, combined with other powerful ingredients, will help to repair and protect against age and sun damage.

The reason I know it is truly effective is because of my own personal results.

Many customers have also reported results like mine!

These are the products that have Frankincense:

(click each product for direct link)

My hobby became a business because of my valued followers like you. It's very important to me to know what people want. Please feel free to reach out to me and share what products you would love to see. If you have used any TSF products I would love to hear your experience. The good and the bad. These products are made for YOU. So if they are not working for you I want to know.

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