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Health Tip : Use this oil on burns

I keep a bottle of this in my kitchen next to my stove! One day I burned myself grabbing a cast iron pan. I decided to put the Revitalize Serum on it knowing the ingredients were extremely healing for wounds. Almost instantly the pain went away.

But the part that surprised me the most, the burn itself only got a little red then quickly began to disappear. So, if you're like me and burn yourself often, I highly recommend a bottle in the kitchen!

This serum was formulated to help soothe skin conditions. A couple of drops on areas that are irritated can help reduce the discomfort and inflammation. Use it head to toe, including the scalp if you suffer from skin conditions on your scalp. It can be used daily for prevention or as needed.

It comes in a 2oz bottle.

Every ingredient chosen has skin healing properties and are all well known for rejuvenating skin cells.

Click here to order yours today!

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