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Health Tip: Herbal remedies

Plants have everything we need to heal. I firmly believe that. I do believe there is a time and place for modern medicine. But, in general herbal remedies can help you with just about any aliment. (this post is for informative purposes only. I am not a medical practitioner and you should always consult your HCP before starting any herbal remedies.) Now that I have covered my butt let's continue!

I have talked before about how much I LOVE Olive Leaf Extract. It is my go to for every illness. I discovered it when I was sick with Strep. I could not get it to go away. I talked to a trustworthy employee at our local health store. She recommended 2 products with Olive Leaf.

One was a throat spray, the other was the extract I now live by. Within 24 hours I felt 75% better. By day two I felt healed. From then on I have trusted plants with 99% of my health issues.

If you are on over the counter or prescription meds you do want to always look into any drug-herb interactions. You can simply Google them nowadays or look up herbalist in your area. You can also talk to your doctor, but some doctors will just tell you not to take herbal remedies.

My favorite brand for herbal extracts is Herb Pharm (I do not get paid for sharing this). There is amazing information on their site. The other website I get products from is Both companies have outstanding customer service and if you have questions you can always reach out to them.

I personally like liquid extract better than capsules most of the time. The extract seems to work faster. I add it to a few ounces of water and drink it. You can add more water if the taste is too strong for you. As far as dosing goes, follow the directions as stated on the bottle. Many herbs can be taken at higher doses during acute states of illness. But please use caution and talk to either an herbalist or HCP. (can start by contacting the company if you don't have someone)

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