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Are all lotions created equally?

Many lotions on the market have ingredients that are toxic. The FDA approves these ingredients because they claim that in small amounts they are safe. Even if that's true, when they are in all of your products that you use daily they accumulate in the body and begin to cause health issues. There are many ingredients that I suggest you avoid at all costs. Especially because there are so many toxins we cannot avoid.


Synthetic fragrance (and parfume/perfume): can contain any combination of thousands of chemical ingredients that are protected by US regulations. Harmful chemicals can be hidden under this one ingredient

Phthalates (DBP, DEHP, and DEP): endocrine-disrupting chemicals linked to hormonal issues including infertility

Phenoxyethanol: has been linked to reactions ranging from eczema to severe, life-threatening allergic reactions

Parabens: look for butylparaben, isobutylparaben, methylparaben, propylparaben, or ethylparaben on the label. Proven endocrine disruptors.

There are so many I cannot even list them all. Many are found in natural lotions even! There are many loop holes in labeling cosmetics and skincare products. If you are unsure of what an ingredient is, take the time to look it up. You may be shocked at what is in your body care products. And you DEFINITELY should care about what you put on your skin. Everything that goes on your skin absorbs into your bloodstream.

Lotion should have one main purpose, to moisturize. Many lotions have ingredients that actual dry your skin (like alcohol). Most of them help to prolong the shelf life. By avoiding these ingredients our lotions have a shorter shelf life. Which is why I make them in small batches. To help ensure you are getting a fresh batch. Because I don't put harsh chemicals in our lotions, you will use about half the amount that you would with most lotions. I always suggest starting with a half pump to see how much you need!

My hobby became a business because of my valued followers like you. It's very important to me to know what people want. Please feel free to reach out to me and share what products you would love to see. If you have used any TSF products I would love to hear your experience. The good and the bad. These products are made for YOU. So if they are not working for you I want to know.

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