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Always handmade

Our products are always handmade in small batches, by me. I'm the founder, formulator and maker at The Sage Faerie (TSF). When I started this business in October 2019 I quickly fell in love with making skincare products.

I formulate all my products based on researching skin issues and ingredients that help with those issues. Like sunspots and deep wrinkles. I did not go to school for this and I do not copy other people's recipes. Each product is crafted based on the power of each ingredient chosen.

There are a lot of companies out there that as a maker I could buy their base formulas, like body lotion. Then you add your own ingredients to make it "custom". I chose not to go that route because I truly love creating the products from start to finish. My least favorite part of my slow season is that products don't sell quickly enough for me to restock weekly.

Herb infused oils are one of my favorite ingredients to use. One infused oil I use often is Calendula oil. I love the feel and smell as well as the healing properties. I choose to use heat-infused method, at least for now. The reason is that I want the oil to be as fresh as possible for the batch of product I am making, since I make everything in small batches. This ensures it will have a longer shelf life.

To make it, I use a double boiler filling the pot with dried herbs then top it off with Grapeseed Oil. I heat the oil slowly to a low temp then turn off the heat. Then I let it infuse for approximately 24 hours reheating it occasionally so that it continues to infuse. I don't leave the heat on because it can kill off some of the nutrients. With this method you can use the oil in as little as 5 hours. I like to wait about 24 hours so it is potent and it can slowly infuse rather than heating it higher temp for shorter period.

Another ingredient I use is herbal teas. I prefer this rather than extracts. Ingredients like Hibiscus and Green Tea are available in extract but I prefer to make a tea. There are two reasons, first being extracts have additional ingredients like alcohol or preservatives. The other and main reason is because like the herb infused oils, I want them as fresh as possible. When I make the teas for the products I let them steep for approximately 8 hours.

My passion for this business comes from my love of making products that are effective, trustworthy and affordable.

My hobby became a business because of my valued followers like you. It's very important to me to know what people want. Please feel free to reach out to me and share what products you would love to see. If you have used any TSF products I would love to hear your experience. The good and the bad. These products are made for YOU. So if they are not working for you I want to know.

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