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Reflecting on 2023 with gratitude

As a person who loves to plan, set goals and write lists, I love taking time in January to reflect on my previous year and see where I have been and where I want to go!

I do this for my personal life and business. This past year I didn't get as much done as I had planned and hoped for. But the things I did accomplish have made feel very grateful and proud.

The first 3 quarters I missed my financial goals. By a LOT!

But it didn't stop me from pushing forward. By the 4th quarter I was motivated and ready to GO!

That's just what I did. I set up events for October through December and had goals set. I have always been a bit afraid of setting big money goals because of my fear of failure. However, I got in the mindset to set bigger than I thought I could do. That way if I missed my mark I'd still be above my current numbers.

Well, it worked!

I missed my goal by $1750.

The me from early 2023 would have been really bummed by that because I didn't "hit my goal". But since I set the goal higher than I thought I could do, I actually did more than I thought I could! So , in actuality, I still succeeded!

This has got me excited to set goals this year. Each goal will be bigger than I think I can really do. To do this I will do a "realistic goal" and "best case scenario goal". All my tasks will be set to hit that best case scenario goal.

For some this mindset may not work but it works great for me. I think it works because my fear of failure and lack of confidence makes me set low goals. Which are still great goals. But they don't push and motivate me.

I plan to do the same thing in my personal life. I don't have a lot of personal goals but the few I do have need to be really exciting so I stay motivated.

I would love to hear from you how you set goals and stick to them. Or if you have questions on how to get started I am happy to help. I have used many different programs and I can share what I like and don't like about some of them. Let's work together to make 2024 the best year ever!

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